• Can We Request Songs or Setlists?

    Yes, we ask people to go through our setlist and pick out a few tunes they would definatly like, or definatly don't like, that way we can include some favorites, miss out the hated tunes and it also gives us a good idea of the style of music they prefere. It's often good to keep a wide range of styles on a gig, but if you'd rather we stick to one style, just let us know. As for tunes that aren't on our setlist, for tunes such as first dances, or tunes that are special to you, just ask us and if its something we'll be able to perform well, we will learn it for you.

  • How Long Do The Band Play For?

    The band will generally play for 2 sets of 1 hour or a 1 hour 40 minute straight through set. We can play for longer if so required although there will be extra charge involved. In our experience, 2 x 1 hour sets works the best for weddings and birthday partys, 1hr 40min or 2x 45 min sets for corporate. The band also offer various options of background/reception music for earlier in your event.

  • On the night, what happens when the band aren't playing? Can you provide a disco or recorded music?

    We will provide music through our system after we have set up, before we play, during the breaks and up until midnight. This will be via an ipod or similar and will be a selection of party-style tunes. If you wish, you can bring your own music to play through our system during this time. Many people prefere this as they can pre-screen the music which is to be played. We can provide a DJ, but at an extra cost.

  • Is the band on the website the band we get?

    The Brightside Band has had the same lineup since we started in 2005, so you can be confident that won't be changing any time soon! We always try our very best to make sure the original lineup is what you get, but as with any job, or indeed any other band, there are some occasions where a member can't make it. These will only ever be unavoidable situations and it is not something we do lightly. If this does happen though, rest assured we have people to cover who are among the best in the business and are up to date with the songs and sound of The Brightside Band. You really won't notice the difference. Three of the four members of the band sing lead on the gigs, so we don't really have a specific "front man". This means that if one member can't make it, the slack is picked up by the other two singers and the excellent replacement which will be draghted in. Once again, this isn't something that happens very often, but is important that we are clear about our procedure. This is just the nature of the job as  a busy band and if any other band tells you otherwise they're lying!

  • What do the band wear?

    This does depend on the event, but for wedding, we will normally wear smart, dark jeans and smart shirts. We think that a band dressed the same as wedding guests look a bit naff and is sometimes better to be seen as "the band". However, if you have any special requirements for clothing or would rather we were in smart suits or even black tie, then please do let us know in advance.

  • I want to make my event extra special, can we request a bigger band?

    Yes, absolutely. The most comment addition is to add a female vocalist to the band. We work with some fantastic singers who can bring a more femanine edge to the band. We can have a much more poppy set with tunes from artists such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or Jessie J, or a more classic female repetoir with  such as Whitney Houston, or Aretha Franklin. We can however add a full brass section and keyboard players for that wow factor! Just ask for more information on this.

  • We would love some more chilled music earlier in the day. Can you provdie for that?

    Yes, a very popular option is the saxophone led trio, consisting of saxophone, double bass and acoustic guitar. With this lineup, we perform beautiful, chilled versions of popular songs, soul, motown and some jazz if that's your thing. We can also do this with vocals. If this is something you would like, ask for more details.

  • Do the band travel?

    The band will travel anywhere you want to take us! We've been all over the place for gigs, as far as india! All quotes will include travel, and if it is more than a 2.5 hour drive for us, we will add on cost for accomodation. We will always opt for very modest accomodation and you will have to option to book this for us should you wish. If there is a substation amount needed to be added to the quote, we will inform you at that stage.

  • Do the band have insurance and test certificates?

    Yes, we have all the relevent safety certificates and public liability insurance.

  • How do we get a quote?

    Just fill out the online form, or drop us an email and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible. We aim for quote within 48 hours, but this may become more during peak season and over weekends. Never feel bad about sending a follow up email, we always want to hear from you, but sometimes we have periods of high demand! If our initial quote is too high for your budget, please let us know. There are sometimes things we can do to lower the quote. Sometimes!

  • Can we come and see the band live?

    You can come and see the band, but our public performances can become few and far between during peak seasons. If you would like to come and watch us, just ask and we will give you some dates. However, we have prided ourselves on the realistic nature of our demo. We have not used overdubs or studio tricks and all the tracks have been performed and recorded live, what you hear is what you get!

  • Are there any hidden costs of band requirements?

    No, the quote we send you is what you have to pay. The only thing we ask for, is some food at the event and when possible a room to change and relax in before the gig and inbetween sets. Most venues will have a room if you ask, but if not, it's not a deal breaker! It is always great if we can be provided with hot food, but we know this isn't always possible.

The Brightside Band

E: info@thebrightsideband.com T: 07940558567

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The Brightside Band

E: info@thebrightsideband.com

T: 07940558567

Copyright © 2017 The Brightside Band All Rights Reserved